About Sarah Gascoigne

Sarah Gascoigne had a fun and an inspiring year in 2011, working on steam-punk sculptures in precious metals and stones. She exhibited her work at the Seattle Steam Punk Artist Gallery. which ran currently with the Society of North American Goldsmiths annual conference. She later exhibited her work at the Omahu Steam Punk Show in New Zealand. She is also working on private commissions and Church pieces.

Seattle based, she works mainly from home and at the Pratt Fine Art Center. She was awarded an SMG Scholarship in 2001.

Sarah’s repoussed halos decorate contemporary, traditional Russian style icons from around the world. For this work she draws on the genre of Russian repousse, which is enhanced by her knowledge of natural forms and European folk art. In her jewelry the natural forms include stronger elements evocative of volcanic forces or fire. She has made a series of pins based on volcanic landscapes, seascapes and moonscapes.

Sarah enjoys working on private commissions. Notable examples are a pin recently completed for Lady Jane Hanham, and a piece that was commissioned as a gift for HM the Queen Mother.

1979- 2001 divided the time between raising a large family, farming and designing custom computer software in England, Canada, New Zealand & USA.

1974-78 worked on personal commissions, exhibited in local galleries in England. Notable locations were Liberty’s of London one of a kind dept, Booty of Bond Street, Loot at Goldsmith’s Hall London & Stadelmann Jewelers in Bern, Switzerland.

1970-73 Central School of Art & Design, London

1969 Foundation Course, Bournemouth Art College

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