The Landing Place
a Supernatural Adventure Novel
by Fr Serafim Gascoigne, writer, pastor, speaker and story teller.


"Wow! What an exciting book."

   It starts off with a bang, grabbing you from the first page and then racing along, full of thrills, leaving the reader exhausted and illuminated."
~Brian Tracy, Author, Success is a Journey

Intrigue, Mystery and Suspense

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  Curl up with The LANDING PLACE or spend some quality time with your family, reading and enjoying the story with your teens. There is no sex, but there is romance.

Learn about the Hasasori nomads who still live today on the upper slopes of Mt. Ararat.

Enjoy the suspense and difficulties that the Mountain poses for all who dare to step foot on the mountain of Noah.

  When the fog came, there was no warning. Nikolai was directly over the Devil Rocks. It sprang up like a demon from a smoke stack. It was so quick and unexpected that before he knew what was happening, it had shot upwards in white, ghostly spirals, fingering the underside of the fuselage

Nikolai Rostovsky, a young Russian pilot, is sent on his first solo mission over Mount Ararat. His orders are to reconnoiter recent Turkish troop movements. But the reconnaissance becomes a series of hazardous adventures that are not only life-threatening but will change his life forever. Nikolai is forced to crash land in sub-zero temperatures, to spend the night in a strange wooden building, half buried in the ice and to confront lightning storms, avalanches and wild animals. He is hunted by an ambitious Turkish captain and stalked by an unseen humanoid creature. But it is his encounter with the silent Natasha and her mysterious grandfather that will change his understanding of himself and the events that surround him.

Fr Serafim Gascoigne is an international speaker, writer, trainer and pioneer in Teen Education. He pioneered the use of the computer as a tool for thinking, publishing Microchild, Turtle Fun and The Purple Planet with Macmillan Education, UK. He was a senior consultant to Children and Computers, an $8 million program funded by the Ontario Government. He is founder of the Computers in the Community program in New Zealand, establishing a computer learning center, accredited by the New Zealand Ministry of Education and ran programs for Youth at Risk with the NZ Department of Justice. A presenter at international conferences (UNESCO) and a free-lance writer for IDG and Sybex (John Wiley), Fr Serafim is currently developing his newest program - Connecting with Teens, drawing on his vast experience of successfully working with young people.

Suspense, Drama and Intrigue

Fr. Serafim Gascoigne has a delightful grasp of the English language and paints magnificient pictures with his graphic descriptions in this suspenseful read. Every page arouses your curiosity leading you to turn pages faster and faster. He blends history, drama, romance and deep life lessons within the content of the book. The series of complications involved with "The Landing Place" and the interesting characters creates a book you will not want to put down. The fascinating storyline with a Russian Imperial Air force pilot discovering the secrets of "the mountain" keeps your attention throughout the book and leaves you wanting more from the author. - Carra Riley, Amazon reviewer and Author of Cosmic Cow Pie

Move over CS Lewis, another teller of tales that makes us seek our God has just arrived.

I started reading "The Landing Place" in the afternoon. It was going to be a summer reading project. I could not put it down. In the wee hours of the morning I was racing through the finish and wanting to start it again. I only put it down once, to let the dog in, and was exasperated to have to leave the action for even a brief moment.

Father Serafim Gascoigne has captured characters so passionate, so real that anyone would care what happens to them. I spent the next day feeling I know these people. His descriptions of the people, myths and culture are also accurate. I have traveled to many of the cultures involved here and can tell you he captured smells, flavors and myths and mystical powers to perfection.

Children will love this book. Not only is it a moral tale, it is based on no other place than the mountain site of Noah's Ark. Parents will love to read this tale to their youngsters. But be prepared for begging to read "one more" chapter every night. - Sally Franz, Best Selling Author of Scrambled Leggs.

A good read for young adults and their families

In the early 20th century, a young pilot in the Russian Imperial Air Force crash lands on Mount Ararat on a reconnaissance mission. Thus starts an adventure that touches on the mysterious and the miraculous. The author has a clear sense of place; everything, including the rocks, the plants, and the weather, is described in vivid and lively terms. The story itself is engaging and holds the reader's interest throughout. A good read for young adult readers and their families. -Joan Marie Verba, Best Selling Author of The Thunderbird Series.

So engaging I couldn't put it down

It is difficult to describe the many ways in which this book engages the reader with all five senses, so descriptive of the characters' environments and inner feelings, so immersed in the culture of the main character and those of his hunters and rescuers. It is written from three perspectives, as three parallel stories that converge and diverge, involving characters from five very different backgrounds and cultures, each viewing the events through his own filters. I found myself feeling what the characters felt, and so eager to turn the page & see what would happen next - what was happening to the other characters while reading about the events of one character or group. Fr. Serafim Gascoigne has woven an excellent story of adventure, belief, culture, and history - it is a fictional account but doesn't feel like one. He describes the historical setting and social/political background in rich detail which certainly educated me on subjects about which I knew very little. This book gets five stars easy, and one wishes he had already writen about five more books for us to read. I highly recommend this one for any age Jr High or above. Peter Sorrells, Best Selling Author of 100 Ways to Save and Grow Your Money.

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