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Sarah Gascoigne

Nikolai Fedoriak - Master Carver, Seattle

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A New E-Book. Ideal Summer reading for the whole family (including grandparents)

Tomasu Sawabe is an artist from an aristocratic samurai background, who flees to Paris at the rise of militarism in Japan.

On the death of his father he is forced to return and is caught up in the fervour of a general mobilization and has no other choice but to join up as an officer in the Third Imperial Infantry Regiment. Together with his friend Akihiro Katsuzo, a poet, he takes part in the invasion of Shanghai (1937).

Although, Sawabe is not a pacifist, he hates violence and is appalled at the brutality of his fellow country men. He is torn between his desire to pursue art and his loyalty to the Emperor and his family traditions.

Unknown to Sawabe, Tien Loi, a street kid, will play a significant role in Sawabe's destiny. Tien Loi together with his sister, Lanshin are members of a street gang that spies for the Chinese Resistance.

Meeting a mysterious Taoist priest, Tien Loi seeks to find if the ancient gods will help drive out the enemy. His ambition is to join the Resistance as a fighter.

His desire is fulfilled but it leaves him exposed to danger from Japanese patrols, Chinese traffickers and 'mysterious' occult forces.

His sister, Lanshin abandons her street life and takes shelter in the Russian mission where she comes under the spiritual protection of an enigmatic bishop, who Katsuzo jokingly refers to as the spiritual 'shogun' of Shanghai.

Sawabe and Katzuso are deeply affected by the Russian 'shogun'.

In the midst of the carnage and destruction of the city, Sawabe and Katsuzo find fulfilment in helping the street kids.

Despite the crushing defeat of the Chinese army and the capture of Shanghai by the invading forces, Tien Loi, Lanshin and friends find a glimpse of hope from an unexpected source.

Katzuso sacrifices his life for Tien Loi and Sawabe is seriously injured by the boy in a bomb attack. Tien Loi sustains a serious wound to his left foot in this incident, while unknown to him, Sawabe loses his left foot.

Tien Loi abandons the resistance and is reconciled with his sister, Lanshin, and stays on at the mission. Sawabe is hospitalized and returns to Japan where he is decorated for bravery.


ISBN 978-0-6156719-2-5 OCTS, 2012

A man of few words but great compassion, Father Lazar of Ostrog Monastery in Montenego sought neither attention nor accolades, yet became a revered spiritual leader for those within, and without, the walls of his monastery.

$12.99 plus shipping

150 pages, illustrated

Spend quality time with your cyber-savvy teen!

Living in today's digital society poses new challenges for Christians at work, at home and in leisure activities. The seeds of secularism are everywhere, pervading all aspects of life, not simply in the field of pop-culture. In a society dominated by secular thought, we need to be the leaven in the Gospel.

As Christians we should not reject the world but rather transform it by transforming our own lives and the lives of our families.

Young people today are digital. They belong to a generation that thinks differently.

For them, technology is like the air they breathe. It is a fact of life. Engaging with your teen will equip you to engage with the future.

However, you do not have to be a geek parent to get involved and enjoy the amazing world of cyberspace with your teen.

Teen Time puts you and your family at the head of exciting game changing ideas such as social media, cloud-based information and gaming. Teen Time helps to create a family computer culture using social networking, exploring the newest trends in information technology - and best of all, making the fun of gaming a valuable learning tool for your teen’s future.

As you travel through cyberspace, you will learn how to innovate and develop critical skills and creativity. You will learn how to avoid cyber hazards such as fantasy addiction and cyber predators through helping your teen to make informed choices.

Teen Time offers tips and advice that can be applied to almost any family situation, such as family dynamics and family bonding.

Teen Time offers parents proven practical solutions that really work. The digital generation gap will be a thing of the past as your whole family takes control of the cyberworld around them.

TEEN TIME paper back, ISBN: 978-0-9717212-5-8
Pokrov Press, 104 pages, $12.95 plus shipping

Please add $7 for orders outside US.

BUY Your copy TODAY!

I loved this book.

It offers a wealth of information for parents who want to take a proactive role with their kids in the age of cyberspace. While taking seriously the risks of the digital age, Fr. Gascoigne opts for a more constructive and creative approach. He recognizes that the positive potential of cyberspace is at least as important as the dangers. He provides a wealth of interesting information to help parents get up to speed. At the same time, he provides a faith and values orientation by which to deal with contemporary culture and provide wise, engaged parenting.

I highly recommend this resource!

Greg Hunt, author of "Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night: What to Do When God Won't Answer"

Reverend Serafim Gascoigne compellingly argues that the internet and the use of modern technology has the potential in advancing the educational, creative and intellectual abilities of children and adults, though one must always be vigilant in selecting the material presented.

Reverend Gascoigne cites psychologists, educators, and holy fathers of the Eastern Orthodox Church in his approach to the modern technology and cyberworld, calling parents, educators and children to be cautious, but not indifferent to this undeniably fast-moving and high technology world.

‘Teen Time’ book informs families and individuals on issues of social networking, video games, internet, cyber bullying, and family time, among other topics, underlining aspects of Christian living inherent to Eastern Christendom.

Highly recommended for families and individuals, ‘Teen Time’ is my new internet reference book.

V. Rev. Dr. Bratislav Bratso Krsic

Director of Christian Education Department

Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church

The Search for Truth on the Path of Reason

- Alexei Osipov, 306 pages, paper back, $18 plus shipping

Please add $7 for orders outside US.

ISBN: 978-0-9842848-0-1 Sretensky Monastery, Pokrov Press

Osipov's book is a spiritual treasure, written in a clear and concise style that speaks to us today. It is a modern classic of Christian apologetics, its main theme being 'knowledge of God'.

Osipov points out that 'knowledge of God' is not an intellectual exercise but is on the contrary, a gift from God. However much we stretch our minds through scholarly study, inevitably it is God, Who opens our minds and hearts to Divine knowledge. Our knowledge of God depends on our relationship with Him, which is founded in love and humility.

The problem even with our Christian thinking is that we have been influenced by secular philosophy. We may not have read Spinoza, Kant or Hegel, but nevertheless these thinkers have affected our religious views. Osipov explains how these philosophers have turned religion into a moral belief system that has greatly influenced Christianity. He shows how religion has become an ethical philosophy –a do good religion more concerned with social justice rather than communion with God. As an antidote to moralistic religious thinking he quotes from St Isaac the Syrian: 'It is not good deeds that purify man’s heart, but rather the war with the passions and the humility that comes out of it.' And again:'The recompense is not given for labor but for humility.' Osipov also addresses the supposed conflict between science and religion. He explains the origin of pagan beliefs and how they still affect society today. He emphasizes the difference between Old Testament Religion and Judaism, which can never be compatible with true Christianity.

This spiritual classic should be in everyone's library.

A novel for young readers

When the fog came, there was no warning. Nikolai was directly over the Devils Rocks. It sprang up like a demon from a smoke stack. It was so quick and unexpected that before he knew what was happening, it had shot upwards in white, ghostly spirals, fingering the underside of the fuselage

Nikolai Rostovsky, a young Russian pilot, is sent on his first solo mission over Mount Ararat. His orders are to reconnoiter recent Turkish troop movements. But the reconnaissance becomes a series of hazardous adventures that are not only life-threatening but will change his life forever. Nikolai is forced to crash land in sub-zero temperatures, to spend the night in a strange wooden building, half buried in the ice and to confront lightning storms, avalanches and wild animals. He is hunted by an ambitious Turkish captain and stalked by an unseen humanoid creature. But it is his encounter with the silent Natasha and her mysterious grandfather that will change his understanding of himself and the events that surround him.

You did a great job! It was one of those books that I started and just kept reading until I finished it. I most certainly will add this to my list of recommended reading for teens and adults alike. I was especially pleased that this is one of those rare books that I can recommend to young men that I know they will find enjoyable and at the same time have their faith deepened.

I commend you on your excellent work.

Very Reverend Dr Joseph Purpura: Dept of Youth Ministry

NOW AVAILABLE! $14 plus shipping

Please add $7 for orders outside US.

When the Romans built London, they planned to stay. This fact was evident to Anthony as he raced for his life up the Portobello Road. He would have to put on an extra spurt if he was to stay ahead of his pursuers. Already the gap was narrowing. He could hear their panting and the flap of leather soles on the hot summer nights pavement.

THE DISCOVERY of an ancient Temple of Mithras causes a great excitement among the residents of Ladbroke Square, London. At the suggestion of the curator of the British Museum, the residents decide to hold a Roman Carnival, complete with fancy dress, refreshments, tours and speeches. However, unknown to the large crowd gathered for the Carnival there are ‘Ravens’, Roman assassins from 65 AD.

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(original price $15.95)

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Living Theology

Russian Spirituality in the 20th Century

Imagine a situation in which there are no churches, where almost every trace of our Christian way of life has been obliterated. We often take for granted that we can go to Church, baptize our children, get married and bury our loved ones. It?s what we do. And yet there was a time, in Russia, when the unthinkable became a reality.

"Congratulations on your excellent work!" - Fr Anthony M. Coniaris, Light & Life Publishing


LIVING THEOLOGY by Father Serafim Gascoigne, 206 pages, paperback. $15.95 (plus shipping)

Please add $7 for orders outside US.
ISBN 0-9717212-0-3 Library of Congress Number 2005905064



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