Waterprint series

This series is built on sculptured units that are reminiscent of the surface and movement of water.

Anda wearing earrings, and necklace from the Waterprints Series on her Wedding Day, 2006

Each one could be a little water print. These shapes, combined with the approximate circles of silver that congregate like bubbles, makes a series of accessible jewellery that is fun to wear.

Sphene waterprint earrings with fine gold These bold and attractive earrings hang surpisingly in the area just below the jaw line. A penetrating glance will perceive the unusual yellow/green stone with a hint of orange in it. Currently for sale at Frank and Dunya in Fremont.

Waterprint bracelet. This bracelet has nine or ten waterprints with cultured "dolly" pearls of rich and varied hue. The quiet tinkle of this bracelet adds to its charm.

Further items from this series will be added soon.


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